10 Amazing Video Game Villains Hiding In Terrible Games

Badass baddies in bad games.

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Every Crash needs a Dr Cortex, every Link needs a Ganon and every CJ needs a damn train to follow. Video game heroes are nothing without a villain to triumph over, just before the credits roll.

Usually the orchestrators of every main event, video game villains are supposed to be the big step up from the minions mindlessly lining each level. From kidnapping princesses to plotting universal domination, these villains come in all shapes and sizes but are usually shown to be the antithesis of the playable hero.

Cinematics, speeches and tougher boss battles are usually reserved for these characters to cement their status, and those associated with the best franchises have gone on to become famous figures in the entertainment world.

But, not every video game is created equally and even the most sinister and enthralling bosses have found themselves by the wayside on account of the quality around them.

10. Iluzija - Resident Evil 6

wolfenstein youngblood lothar
Resident Evil 6

Every self-respecting gamer will agree Resident Evil 6 is a hot mess. After Resident Evil 5 undid the seatbelts, its 2012 sequel properly sent this rollercoaster out of the blocks. Interwoven campaigns deviated the series even further from the survival-horror genre and a slew of cringe-worthy dialogues and cinematics that just stuck out as odd.

It's a game that will someday have a degree built around it, but, where RE6 undoubtedly excelled was in its world design and the enemies that came with it.

The pick of the bunch was undoubtedly Iluzija, a serpentine Bio Weapon encountered by Chris Redfield and the BSAA. The Iluzija is first shown to be an invisible soldier-killing monster that rips through Redfield's squad, ripping through the apartments and a meat-hanging refrigerator before eventually being electrocuted in an underground maze.

Not only is the giant snake a fitting monster for fans of the series to grapple with, but the sequence of players skulking around the complex being hunted by the foe is one of the few times RE6 is able to nail that blend between action and its survival horror roots.


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