10 Amazing Video Game Villains Hiding In Terrible Games

9. Jigsaw - Saw: The Video Game

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Saw redefined the horror genre when it first hit the big screens back in 2004. The leading light of contemporary splatter films, it took over an industry that had been dominated by teen slasher flicks and meta-comedies, owing much of its success to its chief baddie, John Kramer aka. The Jigsaw Killer.

Portrayed masterfully by Tobin Bell, Jigsaw is an eloquent and intelligent individual who tests people's 'will to survive' by placing them in traps that will either kill them or put them through unimaginable pain in order to escape.

The two video games that were released for the series are hard to be seen as anything other than fairly blatant cash grabs. Both featured unresponsive controls, annoying puzzles, traps ripped straight out of the films and visuals that subpar, even for the time.

However, the one good thing both Saw games were able to boast was the usual mesmeric performances from Bell himself. Jigsaw pops up on a television screen to explain the rules of a game, or to deliver a scathing remark or two, and there's something about Tobin Bell's voice that feels so 'right' for a wannabe gritty horror game.


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