10 Amazing Video Games That Are TERRIBLE To Play

Can we all admit that Bioshock's gameplay is actually pretty bad?


There’s a delicate balance between the different aspects of a video game, all adding up to one final product.

Sure, some could argue that gameplay is king and should be prioritised at all costs, but in the current landscape of experimental, artistic and stylistic video games, that isn’t always the case. Other aspects, such as a great story, captivating writing, interesting characters, an engaging world or even the atmosphere, can play just as big a part of any video game as the gameplay itself.

Don’t believe me?

Well, this list will look at great video games that were let down by their gameplay. Do bear in mind two things, though:

Firstly, we're not necessarily talking about masterpieces. The gameplay in these titles stopped them being something more than great; something perfect.

Secondly, each game on our list has the potential to be enjoyed by almost everyone, though, there is one glaring exception we’ll come to later on.

Ultimately, it’s a balancing act between the active and passive content the game offers, and sometimes, when shooting countless baddies can get tiresome, the plot points and twist at the end can reel you back in.

Others though... it just stays tiresome.

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