10 Amazing Video Games That Didn't Deserve To Flop

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Midnight Suns

Unfortunately, we live in a world where money is still king. In the world of video games especially, it doesn't even matter if a video game makes a lot of money, a blockbuster release has to receive a blockbuster payday in order to be viewed as a success and enjoy a sequel.

As a result, there have been so many great games which ultimately became viewed as flops. It didn't matter that they attracted a die-hard group of fans or even smashed it out the park critically by bringing home 10/10s and Game of the Year awards, they didn't make enough money to justify another game or extended support by the developers.

And that's a shame, because while nothing can be taken away from some of the following games and they still work as complete packages, they absolutely deserved to be huge hits as well. So, let's give them the appreciation they deserve today.

10. Marvel's Midnight Suns

Midnight Suns

The first of two Marvel superhero games on this list, Midnight Suns is an incredible blend of tactical turn-based combat and RPG character building all set within one of the most compelling fictional universes around.

Building on what the developers already crafted in the genre-defining XCOM 2, Midnight Suns allows players to pick from a multitude of different heroes and embark on challenging missions during the day, before returning to base by night to spend time strengthening their relationships and indulging in the aforementioned RPG choices.

It's that second element that's surprisingly the game's biggest strength, as hanging out with the likes of Blade, Wolverine, Spider-Man and more is a comics fan dream come true.

Despite an excellent, lengthy campaign though, Midnight Suns didn't manage to succeed in finding an audience. The developers did everything right, but unfortunately multiple delays, backlash to the game's initial card-based gameplay and a late December release meant that, despite solid reviews, the title failed to sell.

As a result, publisher Take-Two confirmed that the studio was disappointed by the sales of the game, with the director of developer Firaxis leaving the company shortly after.


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