10 Amazing Video Games With INCREDIBLY Short Development Times

Rockstar turned Vice City around in a year. What have you done?


Creating video games can be a very long and complex process, with different artists, designers and coders all having to focus on a single project.

We are currently used to waiting four or five years for the release of the next game in our favourite series, even a decade. After all, a great deal of work goes into this collaborative process, and there is also a lot that can go wrong if the designers don’t take their time.

Perhaps though, you are from a different time - one when games could be designed and created by a small team of developers in a year. When annual releases of games were a common occurrence.

In some ways, this process is still around with series such as Call of Duty and sport-based games such as FIFA. These franchises, however, have monumental teams and funds behind them as the designers know they can recoup their expenses.

Whichever approach designers take to games, there are some that have pushed the boundaries of regular development time while also maintaining the quality of the product. Games that are considered classics, but were designed and developed in an incredibly small timeframe.


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