10 Amazing Video Games With INCREDIBLY Short Development Times

10. Resident Evil 2 - 18 Months (Sort Of)


Resident Evil 2 has found its place comfortably in the annals of gaming history. It has even had a well-received remake, that reintroduced this ultimate survival horror game to a new generation of gamers. It would be hard to tell when playing the game, but the original had a rocky time in development.

After the popular release of Resident Evil by Capcom, a sequel was a no brainer. They had a good premise and a big enough fan base that they could easily expand on the original idea. The team had around One and a half years to develop this project, not an insurmountable time frame for them.

Around halfway through development, when a partially working version of the game existed, development was suddenly scrapped. It is estimated that the game was 60 % – 80 % complete at this point. It was later said that some designers were just not happy with the game and wanted it to be reworked.

This means that the development of a great deal of Resident evil 2 happened in a six to nine-month time frame after this redesign, quite a task. A version of the original still exists online and is referred to as Resident Evil 1.5. I guess we should be glad they did rework it or we might not have this classic horror series.


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