10 Amazingly Bizarre Video Games You Must Play

8. Mount Your Friends

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Mount Your Friends would have probably gone unnoticed if it weren’t for one distinct feature: uncontrollable, pendulous male genitalia. Yes, this one feature turns what is a fairly simple and rather unremarkable game into an absolute laugh riot, one sure to disturb the more innocent-minded.

At its core, Mount Your Friends is a competitive climbing game where you and an opponent each take turns climbing the other in a potentially never ending tower of manliness, the goal of which is to reach the top before the timer runs out.

Each limb is controlled by a separate button, making the simple act of climbing a convoluted and highly amusing task, all the while your character’s manmeat defies the laws of physics.

It’s enough to make you blush, if you weren’t already red faced from laughter. As strange as it is innocently homoerotic, your first instinct is to show it to everyone you know, just to see their reaction. It’s a fun (and funny) way to kill a few hours with some friends.

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