10 Amazingly Bizarre Video Games You Must Play

7. Harvester

Harvester game
DigiFX Interactive

Released in 1996, Harvester is the kind of point-and-click adventure game you hid from your parents. It claimed itself to be “the most violent adventure game of all time,” and it certainly lives up to its reputation. It contains numerous sequences of over the top gore and violence, all of it framed by a freakishly outlandish story and characters.

Your character, Steve, wakes up in a town called Harvester with no memory of his past. Everything about this town feels off; the townsfolk act strange and encourage him to join the Order of the Harvest Moon, which sounds like a cult. Things aren’t what they seem, and the deeper you investigate the more confusing, disturbing, and just plain weird everything gets.

The game goes out of its way to shock you with incomprehensible scenes of depravity, but at the same time it is very silly at its heart, which actually makes it more discomforting in a way.

Harvester has an aura about it that can’t quite be explained; it remains distinctly unique two decades latter. It’s stupid and intentionally unintelligible in a quirky sort of way that compels you to keep playing, if not to see what debauchery will be thrown at you next.

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