10 Announced Video Games We Haven't Heard From In AGES

When big announcements turn to uncomfortable silences.

Elden Ring

It's hard to argue against the fact that video game fans have been spoiled over the last few years, with exciting and ground-breaking titles aplenty for all walks of life, however it has not all been plain sailing.

For every big name title and expansive open-world we've been able to enjoy over the last few years, there's been a devastating cancellation or title stuck in development hell to match- and as painful as these can be, it's almost worse when a game that has generated so much excitement simply seems to disappear into gaming purgatory.

So many hotly anticipated titles have exploded into gamers consciousness during one of the several big gaming events over the year, only to sadly whimper away into obscurity with no follow up trailers, gameplay releases or even release dates attached to them.

It's really the not-knowing that hurts, you can move on from cancellations, but when developers go into radio silence concerning that big release you've been waiting for for years and years there's nothing worse.

Sadly, it's a phenomenon that no developer or titles seems to be safe from.

10. Overwatch 2

Elden Ring

After the overwhelming and sustained success of Blizzard's team-based first person shooter Overwatch, it was just a matter of time before it was followed up with a sequel. And thus it proved as Overwatch 2 was announced during BlizzCon 2019.

Overwatch consistent success with online players has always been down to Blizzard's, and in particular lead designer Jeff Kaplan's, focus on a player first experience and, early indications concerning the follow-up, it seems to be fitting right into that model.

The sequel promises to have a shared multiplayer environment with the original entry, along with new heroes, general improvements and even a potential new story mode based off the surprisingly sizeable lore behind Overwatch. All this, combined with Kaplans clear desire to put the players first, means that Overwatch 2 garnered a huge amount of hype on its announcement- especially with the huge number of active Overwatch players that still remain to this day.

However since the original announcement and a few teaser trailers here and there, there has been little information regarding this hotly anticipated online shooter. Overwatch 2 is undoubtedly on its way, but there has been little word as to when.

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