10 Awesome Boss Battles (That Tragically Never Happened)

1. Songbird - BioShock Infinite

During a gameplay demonstration of BioShock Infinite at E3, we got our first glimpse at the menacing Songbird. The winged creature fit in perfectly with director Ken Levine's unique world view. He combined a sense of organic humanity with the cold and piercing stare of a soulless machine. Songbird was the subject of many theories, including a few that involved him being an alternate universe of protagonist Booker DeWitt and even being Lady Comstock herself. While the trailers and gameplay footage showed Songbird in scripted events, the final game seemed the ideal place to unleash the full power of the Songbird on players. But while Songbird does appear frequently in the game, he is never once fought head on. Most of the time he appears, it is purely in scripted sequences. So what about the end? Surely you get to fight him at the end? Nope. He drowns. No big fight, not a thing. His character is left largely under-utilised, with the story struggling to use him to full potential. Songbird is merely a footnote in BioShock Infinite, and the most disappointing example of a boss battle that never happened. There's sure to be a few missed opportunities for epic boss fights that I missed. What are some of your best examples of a boss fight that slipped through our fingertips? Sound off and let's hear it!
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