10 Awesome Features In Truly Terrible Video Games

Overlooked video game mechanics EVERYONE missed.


Video games are artistic, pure and simple. They are capable of standing toe-to-toe with the likes of books and films, and they are able to have stories and perspectives that are just as riveting. But there's a yang for every yin, and there's a bad game for every good one.

It doesn't have to be poor sales to decide a horrible game, it can be a number of reasons, such as bad experience or poor quality control. Objectively speaking, we all know the games are the true terrors of the industry, but subjectively, we all have our own views on the games that just plain suck. But not all bad games are horrible.

If a poor game is still working very hard, we can see at least one or a few good things that it is trying to do, and more often than not, it succeeds. Some games are so awful that they're actually fun to play, even though it's just about the novelty.

The argument is that almost every bad game out there at least has something to going for it, whether it's a character, a plot, or a gameplay mechanic. It's something that pulls players in, even though they may or may not know exactly how awful the game really is.


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