10 Awesome Moments In Resident Evil Village

Capcom's masterpiece hasn't aged a day.

resident evil village

Almost a year after its release, Resident Evil Village is still an exciting, gorgeous adventure through spooky environments with terrifying villains.

Unlike previous titles, which focused on zombified mutants, shady companies and secret labs, RE8 brings the franchise to a remote European village plagued with monsters straight out of gothic horror stories.

From its mist-shrouded Castle to the almost dystopian expanse of Heisenberg’s factory, RE8 has crammed all kinds of awesome details and moments into the game, building on to the lore of this franchise and adding yet another fantastic game to the series.

It definitely met the hype built up after Resident Evil 7, and fingers crossed it can continue the streak with the next game, but since the rumoured release date isn’t until 2024/25, we’re going to have a long time to wait.

Now wipe away your frustrated gamer tears and return to the best moments of Resident Evil: Village.

10. Ethan Meets Heisenberg

resident evil village

Whilst being quite short compared to other moments on the list, it is one of the best introductions to a character in the game. Perhaps not as iconic as Lady D, Heisenberg has accumulated his own fandom since the game’s release and when he first appeared, strolling out of nowhere with a nonchalant swagger, he was a mystery in a game already filled with questions.

The voice and performance provided by Neil Newbon makes this character instantly memorable and after an hour of game play solely running from werewolf men, a cowboy with X-men powers isn’t what you’d expect. It is, however, not much of a surprise to find Ethan yet again taking damage as Heisenberg cocoons him in a prison of metal.

Whoever and whatever he is, Heisenberg sure does make an impression as the first of the village’s Lords you meet.


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