10 Awesome Rewards From Killing NPCs

You were missing out if you DIDN'T kill these NPCs.

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Generally speaking, the vast majority of video games tolerate players' heinous desire to kill non-player characters (NPCs) at absolute most.

It's not something they tend to actively encourage, and they're definitely not going out of their way to pat you on the back for it.

But as ever of course, there are some notable exceptions.

And so in the case of these 10 video games, each offered up an unexpected, generous, and perhaps even hilarious reward for daring to kill an NPC in cold blood, just because the occasion took your fancy. 

Some doled out plaudits for offing a single problematic character, while others gave out the goods for committing mass slaughter on an epic, even biblical scale.

Whatever the conditions, these feats of NPC murder all ultimately led to fortuitous outcomes, from massive paydays to hugely advantageous weapons, trophies, achievements, and everything else in-between.

While we as gamers often feel bad about killing NPCs even while accepting that they're not "real," the fact that these dead characters all led to some not insignificant rewards surely left us all rethinking our stance. As it turns out, everyone has a price...

10. Sacrifice Victims - Grand Theft Auto V


In case you somehow didn't think Grand Theft Auto V's Trevor was mortally bankrupt enough, you can make things a whole lot worse by having him kidnap and sell people to a cannibal cult, because why the hell not?

The Altruist Cult is a "religious organisation" which will pay players for picking up random drifters - or "lost souls," as they call them - and bringing them to their secluded compound.

Though you're not the direct cause of death in this case, it's made abundantly clear that the people you collect and traffic to the cult are killed and eaten in short order, so yeah, you're as much as killing them yourself.

Each of the "deliveries" will earn the player a grand or two, but here comes the rub - collect enough victims and you'll end up in a shootout with the Altruists themselves. 

Kill them all and you'll then be able to hoover up the $100,000 in cash they've got sitting around their base. 

Not bad for a day's work, even if you had to get your hands damn dirty for it.

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