10 Awesome Video Game Levels Nobody Remembers

We need to talk about Virmire.

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As the video game industry continues to expand there are more and more great games coming out, not to mention all the classics that might be cluttering your pile of shame, so you simply can’t be expected to play them all.

While understandable, that does mean you’ll have inevitably missed out on some excellent video game levels that have been created over the decades so we’re here to deep dive into ten of these that really deserve your attention.

Whether you never played these at all or simply forgot them, let’s take a stroll down video game memory lane with some slam dunk levels and stages in video games. Obviously somebody remembers these levels otherwise we wouldn’t know they were awesome, but consider the following entries a PSA to those who haven’t had the pleasure or forgot that they had.

We’re going to be playing it kind of fast and loose with the definition of ‘level’ here so we can highlight as many genres as possible but we didn’t want to leave anybody out.


10. The Farm - Inside

inside game

When you think of Inside, assuming you’ve played it, you probably think of the ending because while I won’t spoil it here it’s very difficult to think of any other part of the game except the ending once you’ve played the ending.

It is, of course, not the only worthwhile part of this fantastic game, though. I’d argue that comes much earlier in the game when you’re navigating the farm. This is the first time you’ll come across the game’s incredibly creepy mind-control devices which become a fixture of both the puzzling and narrative as you progress. You’ll need to work out that you need to jump on top of an aggressive pig in order to get high enough to reach the device but once you do it’s absolutely a WTF moment. The creepy animations of both the boy hanging in the air and the zombified bodies replicating his movements in the background are unsettling to say the least. The implications of how this is possible and what’s going on are even moreso.

Given this game relies entirely on your interpretation of events to discern the story, this level revealed that things are way messed up than we originally expected. And this is a Playdead game, expectations for a dystopia were pretty high.


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