10 Awesome Video Game Rewards That Came Too Late

Could've used these gizmos sooner.

mass effect 2 legion

In the world of gaming, the odds can be shifted in the player's favour once they obtain a certain power-up. The BFG-9000 in Doom, the Gravity Gun in Half-Life, the Grappling Beam in Metroid - after acquiring these devices, players could annihilate enemies in a second, alter their surroundings in a new way, or reach previously inaccessible areas.

However, rewards like these are better if they aren't immediately available. When players know they have to work their butt off to obtain these accolades, it makes the experience far more gratifying.

However, games also need to be careful not to present these gifts too late. Certain weapons, abilities, or upgrades only come after the story mode is completed, giving players little incentive to continue. Some items have such limited usage, they're not worth tracking down. Other gadgets would've been so useful earlier in the playthrough, it's bewildering why the developers didn't include them a bit sooner.

The most tragic thing about every reward on this list is the fact that they're genuinely awesome. Unfortunately, they only became available when they were no longer deemed necessary.

10. Special Harness - Stray

mass effect 2 legion
BlueTwelve Studio

Stray centres around a cat who must navigate through a cybercity, while solving puzzles, interacting with AI, and avoiding hostiles. Throughout our furry friend's adventure, he'll stumble upon hidden Memories, giving players a glimpse into how this futuristic world works.

Although the Memories usually give off a blue glow, there are a couple that are less visible, making it quite difficult to locate them all. But if the feline protagonist manages to find every one of these elusive Memories, his black harness can be replaced with a multi-coloured strap.

To be clear, this unlockable is purely cosmetic, since it doesn't offer any bonuses or abilities. Nevertheless, its colourful aesthetic is a cool way to constantly remind players how all their hard work paid off. Also, it's better to look at a Buzz Lightyear-like harness, rather than a boring plain one.

Annoyingly, this new apparatus can only be unlocked in the very last section of the game. If there was a New Game Plus option, fans would be beaming with joy to see the adorable kitty wearing his fancy little outfit from the beginning.


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