10 Awesome Video Games That Are Terrible Now

Nostalgia is one hell of a drug.

Metal Gear Solid Phantom pain idroid

In can be hard to accept some bitter truths in life, like Santa not being real or that Rick and Morty isn't as good as people constantly bang on about.

The same can be applied to video games, in that those we once thought were absolutely fantastic are actually... not that great. It could be that we've removed the nostalgia blinkers and tried playing them in recent times, only to discover they're not as fun as they used to be.

Or it might be down to the dreaded "live service" implementation that has ruined an otherwise fine game, meaning that anyone jumping in now is going to met some with some steep price hiking and grind.

It may even be that time hasn't been kind to these following games, proving that whilst they may have been the high point of advancement some years ago, actually play like a shopping trolley with three broken wheels now.

But hear me out, take off those rose tinted glasses and contain that rage, as we look at some once proud games that are not as great as you think they used to be.

...I am going to catch so much hell for these.

10. Silent Hill

Metal Gear Solid Phantom pain idroid

When Resident Evil burst on to the scene in 1996, people tore it to shreds over its shonky voice acting. Yet when Silent Hill did it some three years later, people were... oddly okay with it? Like Resi had set some kind of bar and that was fine.

Yet looking back, it's easy to see why people forgave Silent Hill. It brought some genuine terror to the genre, whilst Resi had diverged into more action-based territory. But what made the first Silent Hill good then is nothing special now.

There's a reason the sequel is considered to be the best one: Konami took it seriously, adding real emotion to the characters and depth to their stories.

Comparatively, Harry Mason sounds almost annoyed in the search for his missing daughter, let alone terrified. Even the local police officer, Cybil Bennett, sounds like she couldn't give a monkey's about your lost child.

Again, much like Resident Evil, it should be seen as a rough template of what their respective series' would go on to do.

As a standalone entry though, it's not aged well.


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