10 Awesome Weapons Trapped In Terrible Video Games

9. Shrink Ray - Duke Nukem Forever

Saints row 4

After getting delayed several times (over the course of nearly 15 years), this sequel to 1996’s revered Duke Nukem 3D was criticized for its outdated or awkward physics, environments, graphics, and sophomoric humor. In other words, both consumers and industry insiders have been laughing at –rather than with – Duke Nukem Forever since 2011.

Nevertheless, there are a few bright spots, not the least of which are its collection of guns, explosives, and other deliciously destructive paraphernalia. As showcased in the misleadingly badass trailer, developer Gearbox Software gave players a wide array of idiosyncratically odd tools with which to unleash chaos.

The best of the bunch is easily the Shrink Ray, a noticeably altered carryover from Duke Nukem 3D (when it was called the Shrinker).

Sure, it’s a fairly common accessory within the FPS genre, yet Duke Nukem Forever’s Shrink Ray earns points for being as useful as it is hilarious. Basically, it makes villains nearly a dozen times weaker and smaller, to the extent that they charge at you like irately murderous action figures.

Naturally, Duke is able to step on them once they do, and it never gets old.

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