10 Awesome Weapons Trapped In Terrible Video Games

These magnificent weapons deserved to be in much better titles!

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It’s often said that every black cloud has a silver lining, and while that usually applies to seeing the bright side of life’s biggest difficulties, it can also relate to finding something positive in an otherwise bad video game.

For instance, The Order: 1886, Lair, Agony, Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor, and Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII look great despite falling short in multiple other ways. Similarly, Goat Simulator, Deadly Premonition, and Ride to Hell: Retribution are fun precisely because they’re so poorly realized.

As the following list demonstrates, there are even some cases of awesome weapons being hidden within terrible titles.

We’re not saying that all of them work perfectly or do something revolutionary. Indeed, a few of them are irrefutably clunky or underpowered. That said, each of them is nonetheless conceptually and/or aesthetically extraordinary, allowing them to stand out from the surrounding rubbish.

At their worst, these weapons represent superb yet untapped potential in an otherwise mediocre journey. At their best, they’re already pretty damn cool visually and functionally!

10. Volt Tornado - Mega Man X7

Saints row 4

Released in 2003, Mega Man X7 arrived with high expectations. Not only was it following in the footsteps of its typically beloved predecessors – especially the first few games in the spin-off franchise – but it was also the X series’ first foray into 3D.

Sadly, it’s since been heavily condemned for its exasperating camera, vexing controls, and lackluster bosses, as well as its unmemorable music and uninspired level designs.

By and large, the only saving grace is the variety of firearms given to main characters Axl, X, and Zero. To some degree, each has their own arsenal, with highlights including the V-Hanger, the Snipper Missile, the G-Launcher, and the Circle Blaze.

Even so, it’s the Volt Tornado that impresses most.

Earned once Tornado Tonion is beaten, its shocking spiral has considerable horizontal range (so it’s great for dealing with multiple enemies at once). Plus, it can give life back to the player when charged (by surrounding them in an electric field), so it can serve two great purposes at once.

Obviously, it’s exciting to watch, too.

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