10 Awful Video Games That Almost Everybody Plays

9. Farmville

The Sims Death.jpg

FarmVille is perhaps one of the most lucrative video games of all time, largely because it siphons large quantities of cash from unsuspecting, susceptible old women who don’t understand just how manipulative that game is being.

Admittedly, you probably don’t play FarmVille, but your mum probably does. All our mothers probably do; the game’s a blight on mothers everywhere, conditioning them to spend their hard earned cash on virtual livestock, or larger turnips.

The worst thing about FarmVille is that it forces you (or rather, your mothers) to dedicate themselves to their farm’s general upkeep, requiring them to play the game daily just to stay on top of things. Worse still: if you want the full experience, you have to pay for it; despite the game’s claim to be free, it’s actually one of the most expensive gaming habits there is.  

Yet, everyone continues to play the damn thing, regardless of how exploitative it really is.

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