10 Beloved Video Game Mascots You Totally Forgot

The only enemy these characters couldn't defeat was father time.


The gaming landscape has always been littered with mascots, all trying to grab a particularly prestigious crown in the hands of a certain red plumber.

But for every Mario or Sonic, there were 4 or 5 Bubsys that failed in trying to capture the lighting in a bottle that Nintendo and Sega managed to conjure up.

For one reason or another, these characters were forgotten by gamers and have been mostly relegated to YouTube lets plays or bargain bins in your local game shop. Whether it was poor sales or just a lack of interest in the IP, the following characters have simply faded out of existence (at least at time of writing).

It should be noted that just because these mascots have been mostly forgotten, it doesn't always fall down to a lack of trying. Some of the folks included in this list really did have some good outings.

This list is going to highlight some of the heroes who rose to the challenge... but sadly failed.


10. Wild Woody


The pitching process for Wild Woody must have been somebody at Sega looking around their desk and deciding that a pencil could in fact save the world if it only hard arms and legs. For those lucky enough to not know about this platformer for the Sega CD here's what you need to know.

Released back in 1995 Wild Woody starred our hero, an anthropomorphic pencil who had to travel various worlds to collect pieces of a totem pole that brought him to life. The title had some of those classic early CD era Computer Generated cutscenes and some of the most...exciting voice acting heard in a game.

The release garnered a small amount of praise for its music and its drawing feature, but drew much more criticism for its sloppy platforming and awful controls, and if there is one thing you need to get right in a platformer its tight control.

Wild Woody would never see a sequel after his initial release, only rarely seen popping up on youtube as an anomaly amongst mascots.


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