10 Beloved Video Game Studios That Didn't Deserve To Be Shut Down

EA has killed more game studios than Isaac Clarke has necromorphs.


It's easy to forget how brutal the video game industry can be. With the focus always on how developers are pushing creative boundaries and any negative press being filtered through the PR machine, at face value the medium looks like one of the friendliest to work in.

Underneath all of the flashy press showings and marketing though, video games are still a cutthroat business.

Publishers have shareholders to answer to, and if a game doesn't do enough to meet their projections, it can spell disaster for the developers who slaved away assembling the product in the first place. With production budgets spiralling out of control and every company wanting to match the ridiculously high bar set by the likes of Destiny and GTA V, anything less than a smash hit is considered a failure.

It doesn't matter whether the game resonates with critics either, as some of the best studios around have seen their doors closed despite releasing nothing but critical darlings. Killed by publishers who weren't content with getting anything less than every single penny possible from a player's wallet, fans have been left to mourn some incredible developers that were put out of business long before they deserved to be.

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