10 Best Anime Games Of The Last 10 Years

8. Attack On Titan 2

Db Fighterz Teen Gohan

The Attack on Titan series is probably one of the most popular anime series to come out of Japan in the past decade. It's up there with shows like My Hero Academia and Demon Slayer, gaining a wide audience across the globe.

For any fan of the series, the Attack on Titan games are borderline perfect, and the second entry into the series fixed a few small issues the original game had. Sure, the game is extremely repetitive. You spend the entirety - and I mean the entirety - of the game zipping between buildings and chopping body parts off of giant naked humans. What you see is very much what you get.

But does any of that matter when the combat is so incredibly satisfying? Even after you've sliced your thousandth titan, the game still manages to remain fun. This is due in part to how different every character feels to play.

Armin, true to his character, is more of a strategist that relies on ordering other characters around. Levi and Misaka are incredibly overpowered, able to cut through swathes of titans with ease. And Erin can turn into a titan and kick other titan's heads off. What's not to love?


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