10 Best Bloodborne Bosses

For a hunter must hunt...


It’s been over five years since FromSoftware’s nightmarish world of Yharnam first captivated the hearts of PS4 owners across the globe.

With talk of a remastered PS5 version of Bloodborne to follow Demon's Souls, it sounds like it’s the perfect time to revisit some of the most gruelling challenges that made Bloodborne one of the greatest games of the generation.

From sweaty palms and raised blood pressure to the sense of utter relief and accomplishment when the words ‘PREY SLAUGHTERED’ appear on screen, these are examples of how boss fights should be done.

There are several categories to take into account, whether it’s the lore, the character design, the dazzling scenery and eerie soundtrack or just the perfectly balanced challenge where the player is forced to spend time learning and adapting to a new foe.

So grab your weapon of choice and stack up on blood vials as we descend into the eldritch horror of massive beasts, corrupted hunters and celestial nightmares.


10. Father Gascoigne


The first compulsory boss fight in the game, Father Gascoigne was a critical make or break moment for players in Bloodborne. This fight turned so many potential hunters away from continuing with the game. This being said, the Gascoigne fight is perfect for teaching the player about what works and what doesn’t in FromSoftware’s aggressive world.

As soon as players gets used to parrying (a crucial mechanic in the game), this fight transforms into a slick and stylish thrill ride from start to finish. Trading blows with the tall, mad hunter who towers over you in the middle of a dark and eerie graveyard is a baptism of fire that just keeps on giving.

Throw in Father Gascoigne’s third phase when he transforms into a beast and becomes even more aggressive than previously thought possible, along with the tragic story of the Gascoigne family, and this fight sticks in the memory like a saw cleaver.

Beating this boss is the true start of an incredible journey through the world of Bloodborne.

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