10 Best Bloodborne Bosses

9. Watchdog Of The Old Gods


The chalice dungeon bosses can often be overlooked, much like the dungeons themselves, but there are a handful of boss fights that deserve a big shout out. One of the highest acclaimed dungeon bosses is the Watchdog Of The Old Lords, and rightly so.

This mutt is a terrifying inferno of teeth and claws that relentlessly charges the player down with a series of one-hit-kill moves that can be overwhelming at first. But quickstepping around this great beast and slashing at its massive, flaming legs allows for a pretty even match.

Fighting the Watchdog is like taking on an entire volcano. The beast can barely contain its own power as it spews flames and continuously rams into the hunter, resulting in a chaotic battle that is a joy to behold. The detailed design of the pup is awesome, with the red and orange fire churning beneath its cracked, monstrous body.

The dreadful growling and howling elevates this opponent to a terrifying challenge that is a whole load of fun.

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