10 Best Bloodborne Bosses

8. Vicar Amelia

bloodborne boss
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Entering the Grand Cathedral is one of the most magnificent moments in Bloodborne, with a tapestry of riches accompanying a lining of strange and creepy statues. As the player climbs the steps and notices a poor lonely woman crying on her knees by the altar, it is fitting to the setting of this incredible church that the poor woman then transforms into a huge beast and rips you apart.

Vicar Amelia’s character is shrouded in mystery, but one thing that isn’t in doubt is that she is HUGE. Fighting massive, overpowered enemies is what the Souls series is all about. As the beast that once was Vicar Amelia lunges and slashes towards the tiny hunter, the player is forced to act aggressively and stay close to her, hacking away at her bit by bit until she screams for the last time.

The attention to detail in this fight is what makes it stand out. The beast-Amelia clutches her chest with her hand as she fights you, mirroring her cut-scene where she grasps a pendant close to her heart. Likewise, when the beast heals herself in her final phase it’s as if she’s praying to her gods.

Little details like this add humanity to the mystery of both the character and the story and cements Vicar Amelia as not only one of the most spectacular, but also one of the most interesting bosses in the game.

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