10 Best Boss Battles In Metroid History

Looking at some of the most daunting and epic bosses in all of Metroid.


Metroid is a space-oriented action game where you play as an intergalactic bounty hunter called Samus Aran. At a first glance, you could accuse the original game of being a rip-off of Castlevania due to its similar structure. But due to the game's emphasis on upgrades and nonlinear exploration, Metroid became one of the most highly praised franchises in gaming.

To keep the series fresh, the developers have made some drastic changes in Metroid's format. There have been 2D adventure games, first-person shooters, and whatever the hell The Other M was. The franchise even spawned a pinball spin-off.

But no matter how different the games are, every entry is known for its astounding boss battles... except Metroid Pinball. That one doesn't count. These adversaries aren't just difficult or cool; they are epic.

Metroid doesn't work like a Mario game where you can defeat enemies with a simple bonk on the head. To face these screen-filling bosses, you need patience, the reflexes of a ninja, and surgical precision.

On top of that, most bosses have a series of phases, forcing you to constantly adjust your tactics. Here are the ten most creative and badass bosses in the Metroid series.

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