10 Best Capcom Games Of The Decade - Ranked

Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, Monster Hunter, Dead Rising - this is a VERY close fight.

Capcom Devil May Cry

Currently embarking on a renaissance after not only the Resident Evil 2 remake being stellar and Devil May Cry 5 being a phenomenal return to form, but after two years of solid, recommendable sequels to boot, it's safe to say Capcom are back with a vengeance.

One of the industry's veteran developers and responsible for everything from Monster Hunter to Street Fighter, Resident Evil to Mega Man, we certainly saw them experiment with more corporately-minded design practices at the start of the generation, only to turn it all around.

How long the goodwill can last is up for debate, but Capcom have given us a ton of phenomenal releases since 2010, and many are worth stacking up, just to see which is the outright best.

Here's to more lower-tier cuts like Viewtiful Joe and Lost Planet getting a new lease on life in the future (not to mention Onimusha), as what we're seeing unfold is VERY promising for the coming years.

I'm going to focus on the biggest releases for now, but let me know your own favourite Capcom game of the decade so far, down in the comments.

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