10 Best Character Creators In Video Games

Be the best you (or... even better).


A massive part of gaming, especially in RPGs, is creating a custom avatar.

While not completely necessary - as games such as The Witcher 3, Horizon Zero Dawn and God of War have shown - having the ability to customise your playable character adds a whole new layer of immersion everything on-screen. By creating a protagonist to represent you, you enable a strong emotional connection between you and your character, enjoying the journey just that little bit more.

There are so many games out there that offer fantastically expansive character creation tools, but some stand head and shoulders above the rest. For the purposes of making things fair, we will not be counting customisation available through mods, so unfortunately for all you Skyrim enthusiasts, that one is out.

For those of us who just love to spend a solid couple of hours playing around in the character creation screen, these are the best that video games have to offer.


10. Monster Hunter: World


Monster Hunter conquered the West in 2017 with its latest and greatest - Monster Hunter World. Take control of your hunter and together you will face gigantic dinosaurs, working together with your friends in a little posse of monster-killing-mayhem.

Being a game that you will no doubt play online and enjoy showing off your mad hunting skills, you’ll want your avatar to be as equally stunning as your bravery. Monster Hunter World’s character creator is absolutely gorgeous, and very detailed. There are dozens of hair styles to choose from, with colour, tone, and saturation options bringing infinite possibilities.

You can choose from tons of examples for voice, too, picking the exact right pitch of scream for when you inevitably fall to some of the game’s toughest beasties.

Monster Hunter World Palico

Not to mention, there are options to customise your cat-like Palico as well. It’s like 2 character creators rolled into one.

Stick that beautiful face into some of the beautiful armour sets available in the game and you’ve got levels of customisation the likes of which are rarely seen in such an action-focused game.

Monster Hunter World Character Creator 2
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