10 Best Characters From The Halo Universe

You'd be forgiven for thinking it, but Halo isn't just about inter-Atlantic digital blood sports and rivalry; it's about the story.

If like me you spent many teenage nights shooting strangers on the internet, you may understand my affinity to the Halo universe. You'd be forgiven for thinking it, but Halo isn't just about inter-Atlantic blood sports and rivalry; it's about the story. The characters below are what I consider to be some of the best in science fiction. At least, some the best that Halo has to offer. From the beautiful but brutal Catherine Halsey, all the way through to... Well that would be telling. Take a look below at just who makes our Top 10 Halo characters! Spoiler alert. Obviously.

10. Dr. Catherine Halsey

"Do not underestimate them. But most of all, do not underestimate him." The list couldn't be complete without momma Spartan herself, Dr Halsey. Halsey is the creator of the Spartan project, the famed super-soldier program originally designed to tackle human insurrectionists. Basically, she's the reason that the Halo series exists. Because it wouldn't of been as fun if you were just a regular dude that cried when a Jackal hissed at you. The Spartans, particularly John 117, go on to save humanity from the threat of the Covenant and the Flood, and even later, the awakened Didact. You could call her a bit of a goddess. But Halsey isn't just a genius scientist with a maternal affection for cyborgs. She's the little-known mother of an actual real life human too - Miranda Keyes. You know, the woman that get's killed by a Prophet. Yes, that happened. Over the course of the series Halsey has slowly developed from the champion of man to his enemy. It becomes apparent that she isn't quite as lovely as her fine grey hair would portray her. With the release of the next Halo title fast approaching, it's likely her existence as a character will start to flesh out beyond just a passionate scientist.
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