10 Best Dark Souls Bosses - Ranked

Oh Lord. Help.


When Dark Souls hit shelves, not even the developers FromSoftware could have predicted the impact it would have on the next decade of gaming.

Not only did it spawn two brilliant sequels, it also created its own mini-genre, with multiple Souls-like games such as Code Vein taking inspiration from the series to capitalise upon its popularity.

That’s not to mention the constant headlines saying “this game is the Dark Souls of [insert genre]”, further cementing the reputation that Souls had for being relentlessly difficult.

The bosses of the games, however, were a bit of a mixed bag. Some of them were surprisingly easy to fight, others were only difficult because of the environment rather than the creature itself.

That being said, there were some standout bosses in all three of the games, and if you’ve played them all, ready yourself for some stressful memories before going ahead with this list.

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