10 Best Directed Video Game Cutscenes Ever

9. The Gas Station - Resident Evil 2 Remake

With Resident Evil 2 Capcom continued it's ridiculous momentum last year and just kept delivering hits. Following hot of the heels of their success with Resident Evil 7, the prequel/remake serves to prove just how scary zombies can be again.

None of the game captures the eerie, tension filled reality of a zombie outbreak more than the first five minutes set entirely in a gas station. As the player makes their way through the dreary five minute section the camera sticks to their backs, confining the action presented to the view of the character.

The only time it ever leaves is to hide behind a corner, shake the camera a bit, and let the player know with a few simple motions that they are not alone.

Somehow these scenes manage to make zombies something to be feared again, rather than just a shambling punching bag for whatever new direct to Netflix zombie parody is coming out this week.

When the first zombie is revealed it is obscured in the dark as a flashlight bounces around it, the creature's face is hidden until it delivers the killing blow, and the player gets a close up of one of the scariest and most classic monsters of all time.


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