10 Best End Credits Songs In Video Games

9. Set Sail, Coming Home (Bastion)

SuperGiant Games may be best known these days for Hades (and deservedly so - it's a phenomenal piece of work), but back in 2011 they were making waves with Bastion.

An astonishingly polished debut from the hitherto-unknown develeopers, Bastion was an entertaining ARPG that told a surprisingly affecting story about a broken world and the people inhabiting it. Much of the game's pathos came from its use of music, specifically its vocal tracks - Build That Wall and Mother, I'm Here.

Both songs act as the themes for Zia and Zulf, two of the game's major characters, and both are used in strikingly effective fashion. (Particularly the latter. Oh Zulf...)

As such, Setting Sail, Coming Home - which blends the two theme songs together into one emotionally charged melody - acts as a perfect coda for what was a remarkable journey.

Favourite lyric - Lie on my back / Clouds are making way for me / I'm coming home, sweet home. No spoilers, but these words can hit very definitely depending on the ending you choose...


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