10 Best Ever Minecraft Mods

We celebrate the ten greatest Mods of the build-it-yourself game phenomenon

So you've built up your town, fought through the underworld, slain a dragon and built a 100 foot tall tribute to yourself in celebration of your achievement. No? Just me then... Well whatever you've been getting up to in Minecraft you can be sure to find even more ways to keep yourself entertained by looking to the game's astounding modding community. Dedicated gamers from across the globe have worked laboriously to bring us some truly brilliant mods for Mojang's block-em-up behemoth. Without any official support these tireless modders have provided the community with an obscene amount of add-ons and modifications. Everything from dinosaurs to dirigibles, tornadoes to tactical missiles and all manner of things in-between. You name it, they've modded it. With so many mods out there ploughing through them to find the pick of the litter can seem a bit daunting, but fear not intrepid Minecrafter, I've bought together 10 of the very best Minecraft mods out there, all of which are sure to keep you digging away for weeks to come. (These mods are for the PC/Mac version of Minecraft only, sorry Xbox gamers!)

10. Millenaire

Kicking off our list is the astonishingly massive Millenaire. A single-player only mod, Millenaire fills the sometimes desolate single-player world with randomly generated NPC villages based loosely on Indian, Mayan, Norman and Japanese cultures (With even more still in development). With a number of different village types including military garrisons, religious temples and humble farms Millenaire can really breathe some life into the otherwise lonely world of a solo Minecraft player. The official Mojang settlements pale in comparison to the beautifully generated towns and castles included with the mod, and they aren't just there for decoration. Players can help villages grow by trading with NPCs, providing building resources and completing quests, improving your reputation and allowing you to obtain a number of useful new items in the process. Improve your standing enough and you'll even be given the option to erect a permanent residence within the village, and later on you'll even get the chance to become lord of your very own hold-fast, complete with NPCs willing to do your bidding, nefarious or otherwise. With hundreds of new items and great new mechanics Millenaire is one mod every Minecraft player needs to try, adding untold hours of gameplay onto what is already a pretty addictive game. Millenaire is available to download from http://millenaire.org/ and it even comes with a handy installer, for those of us who aren't comfortable messing around with game files.
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