10 Best Ever Minecraft Mods

9. ICBM/Universal Electricity

Are you tired of the same old explosions in Minecraft? Are you after something with a bit more clout? Something like an intercontinental ballistic missile complete with nuclear warheads? If this sounds like you then ICBM is just the mod you've been looking far. Along with the required Universal Electricity framework mod, ICBM adds a variety of high velocity missiles to the game, including nuclear, incendiary and chemical warheads. All of which are sure to get any UN weapon inspector's knickers in a twist. Players looking to re-enact the cold war from the comfort of their computer can build missile silos, radar dishes and even rail guns, all of which are powered by Universal Electricity's excellent power framework. All of these devices need to be hooked up to coal generators and the warheads need some serious juice to get them off the ground. Long range missiles aren't the only things included in this mod; it also includes grenades for anyone wanting to take the fight to the ground and a number of new traps and triggers to keep any pesky Creepers/Russian spies out of your fortified nuclear bunker. The parts required to build these weapons of block-destruction and the items needed to power them are hard to come by and unfortunately the multiplayer version isn't finished yet so it's a lot of effort for little reward, but launching a nuke into a field full of cows is still strangely satisfying. You can find this mod along will full installation instructions here.
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