10 Best Ever Minecraft Mods

8. Archaeology and Fossils

If Jurassic Park taught us anything it€™s that bringing dinosaurs back to life is always a very bad idea. Reintroducing prehistoric creatures into the environment never ends well for anyone involved, but if you're insistent on having your very own dino' farm then the Archaeology and Fossils mod will be right up your street. Adding several new blocks, items and monsters this mod has a substantial amount of content for any aspiring archaeologist to dig their way through. Digging up fossils and ancient relics allows you to create a whole host of new objects, including new weapons and armour, wall carvings and of course, dinosaur eggs. These little bundles of joy will soon hatch if placed and they will, without fail, cause a serious ruckus. The T-Rex will regularly break out of any enclosure you build for it before going on a rampage, destroying buildings and eating villagers with reckless abandon, Velociraptors are somewhat easier to contain but they can still give you a headache if left unchecked. Not all of the dinosaurs are vicious killers however; you can also take care of the gentle Triceratops or Stegosaurus if you'd prefer a more passive prehistoric pet. I had heaps of fun with this mod, whether it€™s digging for buried treasure or chasing after an escaped T-Rex you're sure to have a blast with it too. This mod and full instructions can be found here.
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