10 Incredible Video Games You Can Beat In A Few Hours

Length doesn't matter when you've got memories for life.

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Sometimes, it's hard to not choose the games you buy based on a value-per-time invested ratio. With the average new video game costing between $50-$60, when you buy a top tier game, what you're really looking for is an investment that ensures your purchase will provide the most hours of fun possible.

As smart as it is to maximize this game value, it's important to remember that just because a game provides 100 hours of gameplay, that doesn't mean those hours are polished, or that the game itself maintains a high level of quality. On the other hand, just because something only lasts a handful of hours, doesn't mean that it's something you can pass by, either. 

In fact, some of the very best games of all time can be beaten in an afternoon or just a single sitting. They're games so good that even though you can get through them in the time it takes to watch a movie or binge-watch a TV show, the memories they create more than justify buying them at any price. 

10. P.T.

max payne 2

Time To Beat: 2-3 Hours (if you can find it)

The Konami/Hideo Kojima falling out that rocked the gaming world not too long ago was tragic for many reasons. The biggest among them was that it led to the removal of P.T. from the PlayStation 4 store. 

P.T. may be little more than an elaborate demo for a Silent Hill game we'll almost definitely never get, but in a few hours it manages to become perhaps the scariest horror game ever made. While P.T. is small in both length and scope, it provides more pure pound for pound terror than games twice its size. There is a heavy dosage of jump scares, sure, but the design of how they're rolled out alongside ghosts that trigger random grab animations will always keep you on your toes. The incredibly uncomfortable atmosphere that comes with P.T. is always there, even if you think you know what's round the corner, as it might just be biding its time.  

Playing P.T. now essentially requires finding a PS4 that still has it downloaded, but manage to do so and you'll be rewarded with a gamer scarier than just about any other work of horror ever made.


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