10 Incredible Video Games You Can Beat In A Few Hours

9. To The Moon

max payne 2
Freebird Games

Time To Beat: 2-3 Hours

Much like how when a piece of entertainment gets a reputation for having an incredible twist, it  dilutes the power of it, knowing such a thing is coming, the more you hear that something will make you cry, the less likely it is to do so.

But believe me when I say that To The Moon will make you cry. Built off of a fairly complex premise that revolves around two scientists trying to implement a dying man's final wish into his memories (thereby making him feel as though he's achieved the impossible), once things actually get rolling you'll find this is a deeply personal tale that deals largely with the theme of choice and regret.

Although To The Moon can be experienced in around the same time it takes you to watch a movie - and is largely story-based - there are aspects to it that wouldn't be near as effective in anything else but a video game. It sets a bar for storytelling in the medium that few games can match. 


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