10 Best Gaming Secrets Kept Before Release

9. Final Fantasy VII Remake Is Actually A Sequel

final fantasy 7 remake intergrade zack
Square Enix

It was the question on everybody's lips before Final Fantasy VII: Remake released: Just how faithful will this be to the original?

Well, the answer to that is a bit more convoluted than you'd think. Final Fantasy VII: Remake follows the same general story beats throughout as the original title, but its end comes with an absolute revelation.

It turns out that all along, Remake was a sort-of sequel to the original game.

The events in the original Final Fantasy VII have already happened. For reasons yet still to be revealed, Remake's Aerith and Sephiroth both know this to be true, and Sephiroth is trying to manipulate the timeline to his own nefarious gains.

That's what the Whispers are all about: these 'Arbiters of Fate' are meant to keep the timeline (IE the original game) flowing along like it is meant to. At the end of the game, the characters defy their destiny, and it's revealed that not only will future titles potentially be very different, but mother-freakin' Zack is somehow alive too!

The ending has completely split the Final Fantasy VII fandom down the middle with some either loving it or other's declaring it Kingdom Hearts nonsense, but it certainly was one of the most unexpected moments and well hidden secrets before the game came out!


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