10 Best GTA Games - Ranked

Over 20 years with some of the most popular games of all time. Which is best?

Rockstar North

As one of the most culturally resonant and generation-defining franchises of all time, GTA is not just a video game; not just a series of titles talked about across now two decades, but a bonafide phenomenon that routinely makes Rockstar and Take Two around $5 million dollars a day.

GTA V alone is STILL in many best-selling top ten lists, some five years and counting after its initial release. So inviting, playable and addictive are its various gameplay loops that to millions of us, a few police chases, drug-runs or mountainside races around its labyrinthine pathways are as common as breathing.

Interestingly though, GTA has had one hell of a trajectory if you go all the way back to its top-down 2D incarnation.

Starting life as "Race n' Chase", a more family-friendly arcade racer in the vein of Micro Machines, one chance glitch during development saw the police car models begin to ram other players. This sparked one of the most profitable lightbulb moments in gaming history, as wanted levels and general anarchy-fuelled gameplay soon followed.

GTA now has a plethora of main instalments and just as many spin-offs. It's up there with McDonalds and Disney as one of the most well-known properties of all time... but which game is the best?

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