10 Best GTA Games - Ranked

10. Grand Theft Auto Online

GTA online

Though it's become increasingly impossible for newcomers to hop in and have a good time without devoting hours to grinding or even resorting to microtransactions, GTA Online is still an astonishing new precedent in game design.

Literally one giant sandbox of communities, power struggles, skill sets and unlockables, many groups of people live entire digital lives inside the confines of this revamped San Andreas.

Rockstar have continually bolstered this with an insane amount of DLC, too. Taking GTA Online far away from what you'd expect out of its namesake, awesome innovations like land, sea and air races, level packs that let you construct daredevil speed runs, in-depth heists and more properties to invest in than ever before have truly capitalised on the notion of "role play" that San Andreas first started.

Defying single genres, GTA Online might be the greatest achievement of Rockstar's career from a pure coding standpoint, but when it comes to Grand Theft Auto there's more to its appeal than just open-world experimentation, and that's where the rest of the franchise comes in.

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