10 Best LEGO Video Games - Ranked

From the streets of New York to a galaxy far, far away.

LEGO Lord Of The Rings
Traveller's Tales

It goes without saying that Lego games are just as much for adults as sugar-fuelled six year-olds. Because behind the campy aesthetic, there are many genuinely well-made games, with unique mechanics that over time have emerged as some of the best movie tie-ins in gaming. On top of that, they manage to be some of the funniest games too, despite comprising mostly of animated, mute pieces of plastic.

But even in saying that, where other massive series have stagnated in repetitive nature, the Lego games have constantly been changing. The same basic gameplay and Lego aesthetic have remained constant, but every game added something new, something that constantly evolved the otherwise base gameplay.

From voice acting, to Lego Dimensions integrating real Lego pieces into the game through scanning technology, these games have been some of the most diverse and experimental out there. Just look at Lego Worlds, which has brought the real-world creative aspects of Lego to a digital format, in what amounts to the most comprehensive Lego set out there.

With so many games doing so many different things and each developing their own unique styles, I've decided to sort the good from the bad and rank our ten best lego games from worst to best.

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