10 Best Levels In Star Wars Game History

Not a single Gungan or Ewok in sight.

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It's hard to imagine a world without Star Wars. George Lucas' original story of a farm boy, a wise old man, two loveable rogues and a couple of droids jetting off to save the beautiful princess would eventually grow into one of the biggest franchises the world has ever seen.

Nine major films, two spin offs, one animated title and a good half dozen TV shows are the tip of the iceberg, but it's not where the Star Wars universe ends.

Not by any means.

Ever since the heyday of the Atari during the '80s, video games have proven to be successful home for the Star Wars series. From spacefights in the style of the arcade classics, intense role-playing adventures, first person shooters set across the universe, to the typical cheesy racing games that always seem to accompany successful franchises, Star Wars has left no stone unturned in the gaming world.

From the Commodore's version of The Empire Strikes Back, to 2019's Fallen Order, with so many games, good and bad, to look back on, we thought we would pick out ten of the very best levels Star Wars games have ever produced.

10. The Black Vulkar Base - Knights Of The Old Republic

An absolutely legendary game, Knights of the Old Republic is the definitive Star Wars RPG. Set 4,000 years before Palpatine and the Empire's rise to power, Knights of the Old Republic takes place in the middle of a huge war between the ancient Jedi and Sith spread across the galaxy. The game allows players to choose the behaviour and loyalties of their character between the two factions, and customise their class based on their play style.

One of the stand out sections from this legendary title is the Black Vulkar Base, a complex system of guarded rooms and sections located in the underbelly of the planet Taris.

Getting its name from the Black Vulkar gang that reside in the base, the level revolves around players attempting to locate a swoop accelerator in order to save a captured Jedi named Bastila Shan.

There's something really enjoyable about Star Wars video game levels that lets players explore the parts of the galaxy the main films don't cover. The grime and industrial feel to Vulkar Base is something completely unique to the series, and really helps the entire chapter become one of the more unique ones introduced from what had previously come before.

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