10 Best Looking Video Games Of The Generation (So Far)

Which games put the pixels together best?


The eight generation of video game consoles is almost over. In 2020, both Microsoft and Sony will launch their next-generation systems, and we can expect a whole new swathe of graphical and performance upgrades.

Before we get to that incredibly exciting period however, it's time to take a look back at the myriad of games that have come out in the past six years, and marvel at the best looking ones.

Of course, a list like this is guaranteed to change over time, especially with titles like Gears 5, The Last of Us Part II, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Ghost of Tsushima, and Death Stranding still to come out. In the meantime however, we're going to appreciate the beauty of those that have already come out.

Unfortunately, a lot of amazing looking games had to be left off the list because that's just how things go. And, while there are countless amazing looking "smaller" games, like Project Octopath Traveler and Gris, we favoured AAA titles because of how much bigger they are, and the amount of work that goes into making them look so darn good.

So strap yourself in and get ready to cry out in agony when your favourite title isn't on the list. See you on the other side!


Curtis is from Ireland and lives in Canada now.