10 Best Management Sim Video Games You Need To Play

With great responsibility, comes great power.


The obvious appeals to gaming are escapism, and the ability to let your imagination run wild.

Closed off and linear worlds can offer short stories rich in emotion and convincing narratives, and large open worlds can let us craft our own narratives which influence the person we will eventually become in-game (or in real life).

But we're not here to talk about either of those. We're here to talk about essentially being a god - or in other words: Management sims.

There is no other genre quite like management simulators. Depending on the game, the options and minute settings at your disposal will allow you to tinker with the societies and worlds you have built up in the most exciting or mundane of ways. The possibilities seem endless.

What happens if you slightly increase the taxes for industries in your city? Or what if you hire the least experienced engineer to oversee the building of your race car?

Not only are you able to awaken your inner scientist and experiment with your creations and the game's world, but you can attempt to push the boundaries of the game's mechanics to create something spectacular.

There are some things in life we don't have control over, but these ten management sims will give you a bit of respite from that fact.


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