10 Best Management Sim Video Games You Need To Play

10. Cities: Skylines

Paradox Interactive

Let's face it: SimCity is dead, unfortunately. With the honestly shameful launch of 2013's SimCity, the last vestiges of what was once the best city management title in the market died in 2003.

But fear not, for there are other heroes in the city management genre to rise in its place. From the ashes comes the gorgeously detailed Cities: Skylines.

Developed by Colossal Order, Cities: Skylines is almost literally the new SimCity but better. With advanced graphics, the game contains city management features from the old SimCity and even more.

Create your city and micromanage to the max by choosing bus stops, outlining districts, and fine-tuning highways. On top of all the features that will appeal to analytical players, buy up to eight plots of land (without mods) and you still won't run out of space for your expansive city.

We can't talk about Cities: Skylines without mentioning the shockingly creative modding community. It's said that it's not fair to judge a game based on community created mods, but look at the mod list for this game on Steam and you'll see that there's nothing holding you back from creating the most realistic city you've seen in a simulation.


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