10 Best Multiplayer Weapons In Gaming History

Halo's Gravity Hammer, better than all?


Multiplayer is where your skills in a game are really tested. You're thrown into matches with people from all over the world and anything can happen.

Yet you’re after one thing: That sweet feeling of victory.

Whether you're dodging rounds from an AC130 in Call of Duty or racing around in Mario Kart, it’s all for that feeling of knowing you’re at the top. You need two things to reach those heights: Skill and the right tools; the right weapon or item to grind your enemies into dust.

Without the right weapons you’ll likely never reach the top, or it'll be a lot harder along the way. You’ve scraped and saved or made that mad dash for it at the start of the match, and whichever way you've acquired said item, these weapons you are unstoppable… for the most part.

Your opponents might hate you for using them, but they just need to get on your level.

These are the best multiplayer weapons in gaming history.

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