10 Best New Male Video Game Characters Of The Decade

This decade served up some great male characters, but who’s the king of the castle?

Rockstar Games

Recently the best new ladies of the decades were catalogued, but there’s no reason the gents should miss out. With so much emphasis being put on storytelling in games this past decade, we’ve seen some of the best characters ever in the medium. Moving forward, that’s a trend which appears set to continue in the 2020s.

Men tend to be gaming protagonists more often than women, with several of the girls featuring as sidekicks and squadmates. That said, while there are a good chunk of leading men here, standout supporting characters and villains get a look in too. Great characters come in all shapes and sizes, after all.

Just like with the women, there are a few ground rules. Firstly, only entirely new characters introduced in 2010 or after have been considered, while rebooted or reimagined characters do not count. Secondly, it comes down to a variety of factors.

Popularity, significance in the story, narrative weight and lasting impressions all affect where a character lands, and which unlucky lads miss out. There was a huge selection available with so many gems this decade, but these guys represent the best of the best.


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