10 Best Nintendo Switch Games Of 2020

9. Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit

Switch 2020

Part-game, part-toy (and mostly cardboard), Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit straddles the finishing line between series-best Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and mobile abomination Mario Kart Tour - and for the most part, it stays on course.

It was always going to be difficult for Nintendo - via the ingenuity of Velan Studios - to entirely deliver on the frankly mouthwatering premise of the 100% responsive, live-action Mario Kart revealed at September's Nintendo Direct, so it's no surprise there are some kinks in the road. But for the most part, Home Circuit works, and honestly, so much better than expected.

Obviously, mileage varies depending on your home situation - those with smaller living spaces or WiFi-impeding Victorian walls may find it much less fun - and any hope of recreating multiplayer rubber-burning requires some money-burning first. The kart's range also thwarts your imagination somewhat; you'll struggle to create anything like the thrills of its console brother's loops and bends.

These somewhat understandable restrictions aside however, Home Circuit still manages to successfully marry mushroomy racing with reality, and currently leads the pack in unleashing AR's potential.

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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