10 Best Nintendo Video Games Of 2016

Tekken with Pokémon? YES.

Pokken Tournament mewtwo

In many regards, it's been a rough year for Nintendo. With the waning of the Wii U and the reveal of the Nintendo Switch, the latter console has been sorely neglected in the games department, with there being quite a low number of releases over the last twelve months. But this is Nintendo we're talking about, and though their decisions can be questionable, they rarely skimp on quality.

And then there's the 3DS, a console which continues to do well despite whatever else is going on, and which Nintendo undoubtedly focused on during this year owning to its substantially larger install base.

Combined, this still makes for a decent year of Nintendo titles, with many likely slipping under your radar unless you're a die-hard fan. Fear not, however, for this list will bring you up to speed.

Before it all kicks off with the Nintendo Switch at the beginning of next year, let's take a look back at the ten best Nintendo games of 2016.

10. Mario & Sonic At The Rio 2016 Olympic Games - Wii U

Pokken Tournament mewtwo

Hey, it's been a slow year for Nintendo what with the ceremonial execution of the Wii U, okay? All jokes aside, Mario & Sonic At The Rio 2016 Olympic Games (jeez that's annoying to type, it's Mario & Sonic from here on out) might not be a masterpiece or anything, but it's nevertheless an enjoyable party game.

Even after numerous iterations, it's still satisfying seeing the Mario and Sonic character rosters in the same space, even better when they're going to head to head in in bizarrely realistic sporting events.

The controls are incredibly simple, meaning even your non-gaming friends and family can join in for a bit of fun. You won't be playing Mario & Sonic (at the blah blah blah...) frequently, but at family gatherings and when you're casually hanging out with friends it's a great way to have a laugh.


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