10 Best Open-World Video Games Of 2015

9. Xenoblade Chronicles X

They say the Wii U doesn't have any titles for a 'real' or 'hardcore' gamer, but change that assumption right now, as the latest entry in the Xenoblade series should really be a system-seller. From the awesome progression that sees you levelling up your custom mechs and character abilities to the world itself that exudes a gorgeous Darksiders-in-space style art aesthetic, developers Monolith manage to elegantly tick boxes for fans of both eastern and western RPG design. Combat is a real-time fireworks display of special abilities and the occasional team-up attack, whilst the bread and butter of open-world design - the world itself - is a vast, breathtaking take on a futuristic America, daring to you seek the horizon and fight whatever comes your way. Pleasant loot-grinds, expansive options for character customisation, a brilliantly epic story of space battles and monster-slaying - it's all here, and it deserves to have way more eyes cast its way.
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